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Children's Picture books


Giuseppe Poli

I’m an artist at heart and I love making Children's Picture Books.

From a very young age I’ve always loved creating and making things from whatever I had available. I spent hours creating board games, and then hours more caught up in the thrill of playing them with my siblings and friends. Later, in high school, I teamed up with my closest friend and we crafted our own role-playing game system, wrote stories and drew countless artworks. After a long meandering journey trying to find a creative pursuit I eventually discovered Children’s Picture books.

I learnt from Philip Blythe, illustrator of Pole to Pole – Philip taught me how to illustrate children’s books at the Arts Academy where I finished as a leading Graduate.

I attended a Pixar Masterclass on Story and Animation in Sydney – what an incredible experience and I still continue to learn story and art from these amazing artists.

It was at a Children’s Picture book workshop taught by Virginia Lowe and Peter Carnavas where I got my first lead into publishing and where my current incredible adventure began.

Since 2014, I have illustrated nine picture books, am currently working on my tenth, with more projects lined up.

I love creative collaborations, especially ones where all members of the creative team can grow.

I love pursuing the best work I can do.

I love challenges and solving problems.

I love learning and sharing, creating and entertaining.

I love stories and pictures…

...but most of all, I love being able to make something that moves, inspires, brings joy and wonder to someone else…. and from what people have told me I some how managed to do just that eight books in a row 🙂 Here’s to books nine, ten and many more.




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