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written by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Adam Wallace

November 2018

in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and UK

Once you find Jerry, you won’t let him go.

Invisible Jerry is a remarkable book. Everything about it – the story, the illustrations, its relatability and power to make children think – is incredible.
— The Children's Book Council of Australia - Reviews -
This book has an enormous ability to change and empower young children. Every child should read it before starting school. (Five-star review)
— The Daily Telegraph newspaper
This moving picture book is about having value as a person, being paid attention and listened to; about the human need to share thoughts and feelings with others. It is a book for adults as well as children who have remained unnoticed at times. I’d like to believe that there has been a Jerry or a Molly that has looked their way, and approached them with interest to discover the wealth inside that has been waiting to be shared.
Invisible Jerry is a simple, yet incredibly deep and thought-provoking, story for younger readers. Aimed at early primary students especially, it has a message that will resonate regardless of your age.
This is a quiet and gentle story, championing for the shy introverts who, even if not noticed, have a lot to give. It also shows how kindness can spread like a wonderful contagious disease.
Beautiful, soft, and poignant illustrations showcase a story that will be imprinted on children’s hearts long after the story has been shared.

A thought-provoking tale that will surely inspire readers.
— Story Monsters Book Reviews -

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an ode to all mothers.

Written by Katie Poli

From brave to being silly, Mummy makes every moment special.

A delight to share with pre-schoolers and to remind all those mummies out there how special they are.
— Boomerang Books Review
Marvellous Mummy - signed book
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Marvellous Mummy is an inspiring book. It not only celebrates the gentle, caring side of motherhood, but also the fiercely protective side of motherhood. It’s a feel-good picture book that hits you in the heart with an explosion of warm fuzzy feelings.

Young MacDonald is one rollicking ride that embraces imagination in the most playful and exuberant way. Kids will love the sing-along familiarity of this tale and like me no doubt, will have little trouble accepting the beautiful reality of living out your fantasies. Poli’s debut attempt at authoring and illustrating a picture book is a positive combination of explosive colour and creative word play that creates plenty of literal and metaphysical movement making it real joy to read. A fun, shared reading experience for toddlers and pre-schoolers and anyone who wishes their bike was really a horse, as I did.


for young kids who love adventure

By Giuseppe Poli

In this fun twist on an old favourite, Young MacDonald's vivid imagination transforms an otherwise ordinary day on the farm into his grandest adventure yet...

Children will enjoy this bright and happy book as they join in the choruses of digging and splashing and chopper-ing and burbling and zooming. I’m sure it will be a favourite go-to book for young children, requested to be read over and over again.
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written by Diane Jackson Hill

On a normal day, a baby creates mayhem in an apartment block.

Diane Jacksons words express her passion for music, and its ability to soothe the soul.

Giuseppe Poli brings to life the musical theme in the book, transforming an apartment block into a vibrant community.

absolutely stunning
— children's book reviewer


written by Yvonne Mes

Oliver is a happy little boy, until one day he wakes up with Grumbles in his head…. and Grumbles IN HIS BED!!

The Grumbles dance on Oliver’s chest, tug at his ears and cause all sorts of trouble for him, but when they run away with his snuggle blanket it’s the last straw!

Will Oliver work out a way to tame those terrible Grumbles?

…a delightfully close up and personal look at dealing with emotions such as anger and frustration. And, a reminder to us all that, sometimes to change everything, you simply need to change your attitude...The many subtleties of both text and drawings make this a winner for me. Recommended for grumbles under 10 or anyone having one of ‘those’ days.
— Boomerang Books review
5 out of 5 stars
— Goodreads community reviews


written by Cori Brooke

A little boy’s lovable celebration of the endless possibilities and adventures he has with his dad.

… It should be found in schools, libraries, and homes, for although it is a boy and his dad, the message is clear. All we need is encouragement and someone to believe that we can, so we can also believe it ourselves.
— Buzz Words review
....the perfect read-aloud title or a beautiful bedtime book, read by a dad of course.
— Children's Books Daily
...a lovely read for a father and son at any time of the year!
— Kids' Book Review


written by Michelle Worthington

A magical tale about a brave little owl in an enchanted wood who proves that heroes come in all shapes and sizes

…Hootie the Cutie is sweet and heart warming. It hides several layers of truth beneath its gentle text. Giuseppe Poli also does something a little magical in his illustrations. I have never seen characters in shades of brown that look so soft and even the darkest of pages seem to vibrate with a warmth and light...

This seemingly simple tale of courage and fear is as much a story for parents (if not more) than it is for children.
— Kids' Book Review