Giuseppe Poli
Artist, Storyteller
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Olivers Grumbles


written by Yvonne Mes

Oliver is a happy little boy, until one day he wakes up with Grumbles in his head…. and Grumbles IN HIS BED!!
The Grumbles dance on Oliver’s chest, tug at his ears and cause all sorts of trouble for him, but when they run away with his snuggle blanket it’s the last straw!

Will Oliver work out a way to tame those terrible Grumbles?

This is a wonderful book to read and read again, especially at bedtime.
— Buzz Words books review
5 out of 5 Stars
You know how, even as an adult, some days you wake up with the grumbles and they just won’t leave no matter what you do? Poor Oliver has just that kind of day. Yvonne Mes’ adorable protagonist finds a clever way to deal with his grumbles and save his sanity. The story is perfectly complemented by Giuseppe Poli’s absolutely delightful artwork.
— Amazon customer review your grumbles

Ages 3+
Hardback, 32 pages
Released November 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9944280-0-4
Yellow Brick Books

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5 out of 5 stars
— community reviews
…a delightfully close up and personal look at dealing with emotions such as anger and frustration. And, a reminder to us all that, sometimes to change everything, you simply need to change your attitude. Yvonne Mes uses narrative flecked with engaging alliteration and powerful verbs to reflective Oliver’s changing moods and growing frustrations. Giuseppe Poli’s line and pencil illustrations add whimsy and colour enough to keep young eyes glued to the pages until the very last grumble is dealt with… The many subtleties of both text and drawings make this a winner for me. Recommended for grumbles under 10 or anyone having one of ‘those’ days.
— Boomerang Books review